Helper classes

These are all the available helper classes used in the template

  • .no-border .b-a-0 remove all borders
  • .b-a border on all 4 sides
  • .b-l left border
  • .b-r right border
  • .b-t top border
  • .b-b bottom border
  • .b-t-0 border-top: 0
  • .b-r-0 border-right: 0
  • .border-primary border color primary
  • .border-default border color default
  • .border-warning border color warning
  • .border-success border color success
  • .border-info border color info
  • .border-white border color white
  • .border-danger border color danger

Border radius
  • .no-radius remove border radius
  • .round 4 corner border-radius
  • .brtl top left border radius
  • .brtr top right border radius
  • .blbl bottom left border radius
  • .brbr bottom right border radius

  • .overflow-hidden overflow hidden
  • .overflow-visible overflow visible
  • .overflow-auto overflow auto

  • .relative position: relative
  • .absolute position: absolute
  • .lt left: 0
  • .rt right: 0
  • .bt bottom: 0
  • .tp top: 0

Text alignment
  • .text-left Left aligned text.
  • .text-center Center aligned text.
  • .text-right Right aligned text.
  • .text-justify Justified text.
  • .text-nowrap no wrap text.

  • .no-padding remove padding
  • .no-margin remove margin
  • .no-bg transparent background
  • .no-shadow remove box shadows
  • .shadow add a subtle box shadow
  • .text-shadow add a subtle text shadow
  • .block display block

Margins and paddings
Class Description
.m-x-n -15px margin left and right
.m-r-n -15px margin right
.m-l-n -15px margin left
.m-a-lg 30px margin
.m-r-lg 30px right margin
.m-b-lg 30px bottom margin
.m-l-lg 30px left margin
.m-t-lg 30px top margin
.m-x-lg 30px left and right margin
.m-y-lg 30px top and bottom margin
.m-a-md 20px margin
.m-r-md 20px right margin
.m-b-md 20px bottom margin
.m-l-md 20px left margin
.m-t-md 20px top margin
.m-x-md 20px left and right margin
.m-y-md 20px top and bottom margin
.m-a 15px margin
.m-r 15px right margin
.m-b 15px bottom margin
.m-l 15px left margin
.m-t 15px top margin
.m-x 15px left and right margin
.m-y 15px top and bottom margin
.m-x-auto auto left and right margin
.m-a-0 0px margin
.m-r-0 0px right margin
.m-b-0 0px bottom margin
.m-l-0 0px left margin
.m-t-0 0px top margin
.m-x-0 0px left and right margin
.m-y-0 0px top and bottom margin
Class Description
.p-x-n -15px padding left and right
.p-r-n -15px padding right
.p-l-n -15px padding left
.p-a-lg 30px padding
.p-r-lg 30px right padding
.p-b-lg 30px bottom padding
.p-l-lg 30px left padding
.p-t-lg 30px top padding
.p-x-lg 30px left and right padding
.p-y-lg 30px top and bottom padding
.p-a-md 20px padding
.p-r-md 20px right padding
.p-b-md 20px bottom padding
.p-l-md 20px left padding
.p-t-md 20px top padding
.p-x-md 20px left and right padding
.p-y-md 20px top and bottom padding
.p-a 15px padding
.p-r 15px right padding
.p-b 15px bottom padding
.p-l 15px left padding
.p-t 15px top padding
.p-x 15px left and right padding
.p-y 15px top and bottom padding
.p-x-auto auto left and right padding
.p-a-0 0px padding
.p-r-0 0px right padding
.p-b-0 0px bottom padding
.p-l-0 0px left padding
.p-t-0 0px top padding
.p-x-0 0px left and right padding
.p-y-0 0px top and bottom padding